Monday, October 3, 2011

Cain scolds Obama, calls Perry "very insensitive"

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain scolded President Barack Obama on Sunday for making "insulting" remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus and called fellow Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry's handling of a race matter "very insensitive."
Cain - who has risen in opinion polls in the last week after a surprise win over leaders Perry and Mitt Romney in a Florida straw poll -- has challenged rivals over their attitudes toward black voters.

He accused Democrats last week of taking the black vote for granted and offended some black leaders by saying many black supporters of Obama were "brainwashed."

The center will never vote for Paul he’s too fiscally crazy, but what does he have to do with Rick Perry’s thoughtless and insensitive hunting lease in the middle of nowhere?

Glenn Beck asked Herman Cain why President Obama continually throws Texas "under the bus" when the state created 38% of all jobs in America last year. Cain said, "The president, unfortunately, has no clue, with all due respect, of what creates jobs. Right to work states, lower taxes, lower regulations, no government mandates..."

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